Friday, 23 September 2011

47-year-old comedienne Wanda Sykes' Breast Cancer Battle Her Video

The 47-year-old comedienne opens up about her frightening health scare earlier this year. Hear her story. she said during the first time, to Ellen DeGeneres during an interview to air Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,that "I had breast cancer," says Sykes, 47. "Yeah, I know it's scary."
VIDEO: Wanda Sykes REVEALS She Had Breast Cancer -- FULL SHOWThe cancer was found after she had undergone what was essentially a cosmetic procedure, to have a breast reduction.

"This was in February. I went for the reduction. I had real big boobs and I just got tired of knocking over stuff. Every time I eat … Oh lord. I’d carry a Tide stick everywhere I go," she quips. "My back was sore so it was time to have a reduction."

She continues, "It wasn't until after the reduction that in the lab work, the pathology, that they found that I had DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ] in my left breast. I was very, very lucky because DCIS is basically stage-zero cancer. So I was very lucky."

Wanda Sykes revealed her experience to Ellen DeGeneres, then joked that as a black lesbian, she wasn't sure about taking the breast cancer and double mastectomy public: "I can't be the poster child for everything."

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