Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mike Tyson: Charlie Sheen Roast Youtube Video

Former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson jokes that he wasn't interested in participating in the roast at first but then Comedy Central came back with a better price. He also said that he doesn't plan to hold anything back.
His Comedy Central Roast was getting ready to start and Charlie Sheen could only stand by and watch his own funeral on the season opener of Two and a Half Men with replacement Ashton Kutcher. Ashton pulled in 28.7 million viewers last night but it was Mike Tyson who was doing the knocking out at Charlie’s Roast. Almost literally. Steve-O decided he would honor Charlie by getting punched in the face by Mike.

He walks away knowing he broke his nose and an audience member offers to put it back. ”I couldn’t believe it, it hurt like hell, but he managed to pop the bone right back into place,” he said. “I think my nose will actually wind up straighter than it’s been since Bam Margera broke it on the set of Jackass 3D.”

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