Thursday, 22 September 2011

Watch 3 Video: 'X Factor' Debut: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul Reunite At Judges' Table‎

After months of speculation, big money negotiations and one controversial change-up, there was one big question on everyone's lips tonight - do Simon Cowell and his cohorts have the X Factor?

While there was plenty of colorful contestants on the stage, there was also a fair share of entertainment on the judging panel too, as the American version of the hit British show launched in the U.S.

The body language and looks of agreeance, disappointment and disgust were all still there, as were the bickering, rivalry and of course, the flirtation between the judges.

1. Terrel Carter, 36 - Ribbon in the sky
2. Chris Rene, 28 - Young Homie 'Original!'
3. Marcus Canty, 20 - I wish
4. Ellona Santiago, 14
5. The Anser, 20-27 - Rolling in the Deep
6. Stacy Francis, 42 - Natural woman
7. Rachel Crow, 13 - Mercy
8. John Lindahl, 14 - Forget you
The X Factor is an American television singing competition originating from the United Kingdom, created by Simon Cowell and produced by SYCOtv.

The competition is open to both solo artists and groups and has no upper age limit. Each judge is assigned one of four categories—either girls between 12 and 30, boys between 12 and 30, individuals over 30, or groups (some of which may be formed from rejected soloists after the audition process).[4] Through the live shows, the judges act as mentors to their category, helping to decide song choices, styling and staging, while judging contestants from the other categories; they also compete to ensure that their act wins the competition, thus making them the winning judge. The winner stands to receive a $5 million recording contract with Epic Records.


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