Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Angola Plane Crash At Least 30 Killed

A military plane has crashed in central Angola, killing at least 30 people, including three Angolan army generals.

Portuguese-language news outlets say the plane crashed Wednesday while trying to take off from the airport in the central city of Huambo.

The Angolan Air Force jet, built by Brazilian aircraft-maker Embraer, was carrying a delegation of high-ranking Angolan military officers.

At least six people survived the crash. The cause of the crash is unknown.
A plane crash in Angola has killed 26 people, including three army generals, a government official has told the BBC.

Luis Caetano, the spokesman for the Huambo provincial authorities, said the military aircraft crashed after leaving Huambo city airport.

He said six people had survived the crash, including the pilot and co-pilot.

Correspondents say the aircraft was a relatively new Embraer jet purchased by the army to transport top officials.

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