Friday, 2 September 2011

Ryan Braun's Fall Down ESPN [VIDEO]

After a potential inside-the-park home run turned into an embarrassing tumble earlier this week, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun is still hearing about it - from his teammates.

The potential MVP candidate had the cringe-worthy moment against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday when he tripped while running from third to home. Instead of reaching home plate triumphantly, a defeated Braun was tagged out.

"I think if I had been able to get up after the first time I fell, I still would have made it. I had it easy," he told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

"I think I tried to increase my stride. I saw (third base coach) Eddie (Sedar) sending me and I got excited and tried to run faster than I needed to and lost my form. My stride got too long. I felt it coming. Not much you can do at that point."

While he can't take the moment back, his teammates can make it last - with some elaborate pranks.

At an optional batting practice on Thursday, three of Braun's teammates used athletic tape to make imitations of police-tape-like outlines of victims - at the spot where Braun hit the dirt.

"I'm not even going out," Braun said, when asked about the outline by the newspaper. "I won't go out until right before the game so I'll probably miss it. I'll check it out at some point."

His teammates said that definitely wasn't the point.

"That's okay if he doesn't see it," Casey McGehee told the Journal-Sentinel. "We can still laugh at it."

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